Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry 1997 Medal Winner **

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry looks at a year in the life of a poor family living during the depression trying to make ends meet and save their land while battling white prejudice.

I read this book while reading another book titled Cane River set in New Orleans before and after the end to slavery in America. Because this book was set in the 1930's (about the time that Cane River ended) it almost felt like a sequel to Cane River.

I thought this book did a good job of helping a middle class white child understand what it would feel like to grow up as a poverty stricken second generation sharecropper. I was amazed at how awful the whites are portrayed in the book. Truly biased, prejudice and just plain mean. I think this book would help children think about their own attitudes towards other races, religions and cultures. It's easy to read the book and think, "Oh I'd never do that." But the reality is people did do that, and still do that.


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