A Year Down Yonder 2001 Medal Winner *****

Mary Alice's parents have hit hard times during the Depression and so she must spend a year living with her Grandmother. Its never a dull moment with Grandma. Mary Alice learns how to steal pecans, make the perfect pie crust, and valentines. She even learns the value of having a snake living in your attic. Most importantly she learns how to love her Grandma even when she seems so unlovable.

This book was great! I can see why Richard Peck the author has won so many awards. Reading this book reminded me of the many times I spent with my two grandmothers. It was fun to revisit the same characters from A Long Way From Chicago. I also enjoyed reading a book told by Mary Alice instead of Joe. This would be a great book for every grandmother to have on the nightstand in the guest bedroom when their grandchildren come to visit.

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  1. this is one of my favorite books of all time! if you like this book, you should definitely check out "a long way from chicago." great blog on the newberry books!