Johnny Tremain 1944 Medal Winner ***

Johnny Tremain is about a boy who lives in Boston just as the Revolutionary War beguns. A silversmith apprentice, he injures his hand and can no longer learn his trade. He meets rebels such as Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, and others who speak of war to rid English rule. He is able to participate in the Boston Tea Party and attend meetings as the leaders try to figure out how to defeat the British.

From what I understand this book is supposed to be a classic. I was frankly disappointed and feel that I'm being very generous giving it three stars. First of all, Johnny Tremain is not a likeable character. His pride and ignorance really is frustrating to me as a reader. Just as I think that I really hate this guy, he has a sudden change of heart and decides to become a different person by losing his personality altogether. Now instead of hating Johnny, I don't care about him at all. I was really hoping this book would teach me about the events leading up to the Revolutionary War, but for some reason the author makes him crippled and he sleeps through the first battles. So he wakes up and gets to learn about what happened just as anyone would by reading a history book. Towards the end I felt that the author was just as bored with the story as I was and decided to just end it. And frankly, I was glad when it did.

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