The Upstairs Room 1973 Honor Book *****

The Upstairs Room is based on the author's experiences hiding during World War II in Holland in the room upstairs with her sister.

I've always been interested in WWII and especially the Holocaust. Genocide is such a strange part of our human race. This book really helps a reader understand not only what it was like for the Jews who went into hiding, but what life was like for those brave Gentiles who hid them. No one knew how long the war would last, and many didn't truly understand what it was they were hiding from. These sisters thought it would just be for a few months that turned into years. After hearing this book on tape, I feel like I have a greater appreciation for the small things that I take advantage of almost daily, sunshine, being able to walk long distances, a wide selection of books that I can read any time I want, eating on a plate, being able to wave hello to strangers, and so many other things that I do without even thinking about it. I think this book would be a great way to introduce the horrors of WWII to young children. It can spark deeper discussions like, "Why were they hiding?", "Who was Hitler?", "What would have happened to the Gentiles if they had been caught?"

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