Ella Enchanted 1998 Honor Book ****

Ella Enchanted is the story about a girl who at birth was given the gift of obedience by a fairy, Lucinda. This gift becomes a curse as she realizes that her obedience can harm the ones she loves. Her stepsister discover that she must do whatever they ask and use it to their advantage. While trying to convince Lucinda to take back the gift, Ella figures out how to overcome her curse herself.

I have to say that I think for first time in my life I think that Hollywood did a better job with the screenplay than the author did with the book. I thought the movie was fun and delightful and the entire time I listened to the book on CD I found myself comparing it to the movie. While the story is good in and of itself, I much prefer Hollywood's rendition of the book. I like how in the movie there is more intrique and danger and that Ella does not instantly fall in love with Char but actually protests his reign. She encourages a good character arc in Char while going through her own. The movie also does a better job addressing the issues of prejudice and bias.

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