Number the Stars 1990 Medal Winner *****

Number the Stars is set in German occupied Denmark during WWII. Annalisa and her family are trying to hide the Rosens a jewish family from the German soldiers. The author uses fictional characters to tell actual events of the bravery the Danes exhibited during a very uncertain time.

I really enjoyed the author's unique take on a often repeated tale of Jews hiding from the Nazis. So often the story is told through the eyes of the Jews, but what about the brave Gentiles who helped hide them? What are they thinking? What are there fears? This book handles what happens in the rest of the home while the Jews are in the attic or basement of their home. I'm constantly amazed at the stories of these brave men and women who chose to stand up to the Nazis when they clearly didn't have to. I really enjoyed discovering what tricks were used to fool the Nazis ultimately saving hundreds if not thousands of lives.

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