Yolanda's Genius 1996 Honor Book *****

Yolanda's Genius is the story of a 5th grader who is big for her age and loves to learn and share what she knows with others. One day someone asks her if she's a genius. She looks the word up in the dictionary and discovers that she's not a genius her brother is. He has a unusual gift for music and when his harmonica is ruined she decides she's going to discover a way to bring music back into his life.

This was such a sweet and tender story about a sister and brother. Just about any 5th grader will a feel a little of Yolanda inside of them, whether big or small. Fifth grade seems to be about the time that children realize each other's differences and the need to feel accepted in spite of them. This book would be perfect for any child who may have an usual physical feature or talent. Definitely a read aloud for a fifth grade class.

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  1. thank you! thank you for this wonderful blog! I have a children's book review blog as well, but not near as exhaustive as is yours.

    I can't wait to get this book to read aloud to my 8th, 3rd and 1st grade homeschoolers.