Across Five Aprils 1965 Honor Book ****

Jethro Creighton lives in Southern Illinois with is parents and sister. His brothers are off to fight a war to keep the country together. One brother is fighting on the Union side, and the other has joined the Rebs. This story follows the Creighton family across five Aprils and tells of the heartache and tragedy that the Civil War brought to so many families. They will face death, sickness, injury and many other losses before the war ends.

I found this book interesting but hard to stay engaged. I enjoyed most reading about Lincoln and how he was perceived throughout the war. I felt like I learned many aspects to the war that I didn't know before. For instance, Lincoln ran for re-election against a military general that had fired just a couple years before, and he wasn't even able to carry his own hometown. Some felt like Lincoln was doing too much, and others felt as though he hadn't done enough. He truly was between a rock and a hard place. The other interesting perspective on the war was seeing it through the eyes of the family. They didn't realize the magnitude of the war at the onset just like everyone else. As the war continues on, so does the devastation both physically and emotionally. I have greater appreciation for those willing to fight to keep this country together.

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