Pictures of Hollis Woods 2003 Honor Book ****

Hollis Woods is a foster child that tends to run away. She finally finds a place where she feels like staying put. Interspersed between the chapters are different pictures of Hollis Woods. These pictures give us glimpses into her life before she met her new guardian Josie. As Josie's memory begins to deteriorate, Hollis must find a way to keep them together. Her solution? To runaway of course, only this time bringing Josie with her. Her destination is the one place she once felt like she was truly a part of a family, the Regan's summer home. As worried "Mustard woman" the social worker looks for her, Hollis for the first time begins to find herself.

This book is very reminiscent of The Great Gilly Hopkins only much more somber. I enjoyed reading it, and found myself looking forward to the next picture. While I enjoyed Gilly Hopkins more because of it's humor and colorful characters, I found this book interesting with a much more likeable protagonist and found myself rooting for her to find the family so has long desired.

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