Adam of the Road 1943 Medal Winner **

Adam of the Road is about a boy in 13th Century England who is the son of a minstrel. When he loses both his dog and father in one day, he has many adventures as he attempts to reunite with both of them.

Adam of the Road is interesting but not captivating. It is sort of a coming of age, except the boy is pretty grown up and mature at the beginning. I have to admit, that living in the 21st Century it's pretty frustrating to know that most of his problems could have been solved with a cell phone. While I felt like the book was well researched, I didn't feel like I had a real sense of what life was really like in England. His adventures seemed unrealistic to the point of fantasy and so I'm not sure how minstrels truly lived at that time. I do think this book would be interesting for young boys however.

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