Kira Kira 2005 Medal Winner ***

Kira Kira is a story of a Katie and Lynn two Japanese sisters living in prejudiced Georgia. Katie adores her sister and struggles as Lynn gets sicker and sicker and doesn't know why. Spoiler: Lynn dies of lymphoma.

Let's see a Newberry book medal winner written in the 2000's that's depressing and sad- what a shock! I listened to this book on CD and the cover said for children 8 to 14. I really don't think 8 year old children need to hear a sad story about a little girl dying of cancer. I would probably put this book more at ages 14 and up. While I enjoyed the story and found it very well written and beautifully read by Elaina Erika Davis I think the message was too deep and too sad for little children. At the beginning of the book the relationship between the two sisters is so sweet and innocent, reminds me of the my two girls' relationship. But I think that if either of my two girls were to read this book they would put themselves in their shoes and it would be too heart-wrenching for them.

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