Hope Was Here 2001 Honor Book ****

Hope is a girl without a father and mother and raised by her aunt moving from place to place. They leave bustling New York to go to a rural town in Wisconsin to run a diner. There she waitresses and gets involved in city politice helping the diner's owner fight the corrupt mayor. She also must deal with her past and that she had a father who left and mother who wouldn't raise her. Spoiler: There is a death at the end.

I listened to Hope Was Here on CD and the cover said for 10 and up. Ummm.... I'm not so sure about that. I would probably say 14 and up. I don't know how much a 10 year old would be interested in teenage love, city politics and fighting leukemia. I did find the story intriguing and touching and liked the development of characters. I feel as though if I were to walk into Welcome Stairways I could sit right down and tell Flo that I'd like the meatloaf and apple pie which is Addie's speciality.

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