Sounder 1970 Medal Winner ****

Sounder is a story of a boy whose father and dog disappear the same day. His father is sent to jail for stealing a ham to feed his starving family and his dog is shot trying to prevent the white men from taking his dad. The boy must learn to adjust to life without the comfort of his father and search for his dog who he thinks has left to died in the woods.

This is probably the most beautifully written Newbery I've read so far. The imagery is akin to poetry. While the story was interesting (similar to Adam of the Road) it was written in a way that made reading a true pleasure. There were times I would reread a sentence or a paragraph just to marvel and his amazing way of explaining the simplest of scenes. When I get the chance I would love to find out what else this author has written.


  1. I love sounder its such a great book/show!

  2. Anonymous10:37 PM

    beutiful literaure!

  3. it is the best book ever