Bud, Not Buddy 2000 Medal Winner *****

Bud, Not Buddy is the story of a boy who lost his mother when he was six and goes on a search to find his father. The only information he has is a flyer of a band with the lead singer "Herman E. Calloway" printed on it. He's sure that this is who his father is. So runs away and begins an adventure trying to find him.

Finally, a book about the depression that isn't depressing! I loved Bud. This little 10 year old has such spunk and guts. I wish he could be friends with my own kids. I listened to this on CD read by James Avery (the dad on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) and he did a fantastic job. Kudos to Christopher Paul Curtis for writing such a wonderful book for children that teaches, inspires and doesn't depress. I hope he has many more books coming. I highly recommend this book for all children, especially to encourage discussions about the Depression Era in America.

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