Hatchet 1988 Honor Book ******

Hatchet is the story of a boy who while flying to see his father for the summer is in an awful plane crash with only his hatchet to help him survive. He learns to rely on resources available to him and manages to survive on a lake somewhere in Canada. Instead of marking time by days, he marks them by events like: Day of First Fire, Day of First Fish, Day of First Meat. He also learns that hope is necessary resource for survival.

I absolutely loved this book. I couldn't stop reading it, which lately has been a rare thing for me. I didn't want to eat, sleep or exercise until I knew this kid was going to be okay. And for some reason after finishing the book I had a strong desire for roasted chicken. I think every teenager should read this book, especially those who live in a world full of everything they could possibly want. I'm so glad I bought this book, it's a definite keeper.

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