Hoot 2003 Honor Book *****

Hoot is the story of Roy Eberhart who has just moved from Montana to Florida. Immediately the bully singles him out as an easy target. While trying to avoid Dana's punches he becomes fascinated with a boy he sees running through the streets who should obviously be in school. Meanwhile, Officer Delenko struggles to find out who the vandals are messing up the empty lot and delaying the building of another Mother Paula's Pancake House. Soon Roy discovers something even more helpless than he whose lives are in danger.

Any book that mentions both Bozeman, Montana (where I was born) and Las Cruces, New Mexico (where I was raised) has got to be good! I listened to this book on CD read by Chad Lowe. He did an amazing job. I would listen to a book read by him any day. Roy is a likeable character without being too goody goody. The stories are sweet but real and with lots and lots of humor. I recommend this book for all young ages. Even my 13 year old son asked to take the CDs into his room so that he could listen to them as fell asleep. Great read aloud book!

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